Wednesday, July 24, 2013

NFV Video Series - Lowering Costs per Bit

Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) embodies the ongoing transformation of packet infrastructure towards open, standardized, virtualized and lower cost platforms, says Manish Singh, CTO of Radisys. The video is broken into six segments.

0:13 - What is the fundamental promise of NFV?

1:34 - Virtualization in servers is at leat 10 years old. Hasn't this been done already?

2:50 - Which network functions are like to move into the NFV cloud first?

4:39 - What are the implications of NFV for network equipment design?

7:22 - NFV implies Service Providers will build out massive compute infrastructure. Will this be base-matel commodity servers? Or will high-availability telco hardware be retained?

09:13 - What role will Radisys play in building the NFV ecosystem? Where can you add value?