Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mike Quigley Steps Down as Head of Australia's NBN

Mike Quigley is stepping down as CEO of Australia's National Broadband Network.

Quigley said he will continue to serve as CEO until the Board appoints a successor.  He plans to retire from corporate life after four years leading NBNCo.

"My job was to lay the foundations for the NBN for the next 30 years. That job is largely complete. NBN Co is now a well-established wholesale telecommunications company with a nationwide workforce, delivery partners, infrastructure agreements, complex IT systems and more than 40 retail customers which are supplying fast, reliable and affordable broadband to a growing number of Australians," stated Quigley.

“I joined NBN Co because I believed better telecommunications was central to Australia’s ongoing success. I still believe that today. The ramp-up in construction and the news last week that the company had passed more than 200,000 premises with fibre gives me further confidence that the NBN build can be delivered by 2021 in line with the projections in the company’s Corporate Plan.”

  • Quigley previously served as President and COO of Alcatel.

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