Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lumos Networks Lights 100G Wavelengths Across Mid-Atlantic States

Lumos Networks launched 100Gbps wavelength services across its Mid-Atlantic fiber network., which spans over 5,800 route miles across Virginia, West Virginia and portions of Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, and Maryland.

Lumos said a single 100 Gbps wavelength is more economical for its customers than operating multiple 10 Gbps wavelengths.

“This service is poised to handle the ever growing demand for increased bandwidth of both wholesale and enterprise customers. 100Gbps is in early adoption stage and is being used by carriers to support network transport. Similar to 1Gbps wavelength service, Lumos anticipates increased adoption as enterprise demand increases. By launching this product today, Lumos is demonstrating that they are ready to meet the growing demand for this high capacity service,” said Lumos Networks Vice President of Product Management & Engineering Craig Drinkhall. “We see a migration to 100Gbps across our footprint as necessary to meet the dramatic surge in network traffic,” he added.