Monday, July 15, 2013

Huawei Unveils New LTE TDD Small Cell

Huawei introduced an LTE TDD small cell micro solution for offloading excess hotspot traffic in macro cells and providing better coverage in blind spot and weak coverage areas.

Huawei said its small cell LTE TDD micro BTS offers an output power for coverage up to 100 meters.  Its small size enables deployment on walls, poles or other "zero site space" locations.  Each micro BTS also features a flexible transmission mode to more easily leverage existing transmission resources, and an innovative dock design that supports multiple types of both wired and wireless backhaul to provide 100 Mbps levels of broadband connectivity.

The micro BTS supports Huawei's SingleSON solution for macro-micro cell coordination, network self-planning and self-configuration. LTE-A features like eICIC (Enhanced Inter-Cell Interference Coordination) for eliminating inter-cell interference are also supported.

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