Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CommScope Packages Fiber-to-the-Antenna Solution for RRUs

CommScope introduced a bundled solution for fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) site deployments where where remote radio units (RRUs) are installed at the top of cellular towers closer to the antennas, reducing loss and improving system performance.

The company says its FTTA Turnkey Solution, which part of the Andrew portfolio of wireless solutions, standardizes RRU installation while bringing simplicity, consistency and performance assurance to a technologically and logistically complex application.

The FTTA Turnkey Solution includes:

  • Argus UltraBand multiport antennas
  • HELIAX FiberFeed hybrid fiber and power trunk cable and tails
  • HELIAX SureFlex RF cable assemblies
  • Cabinets, structural supports, connectors and assemblies
  • Optional Andrew SiteRise pre-assembled tower solution

"The top of an antenna tower is one of the more challenging places to work, especially when you are adding active components while protecting existing systems,” said Stan Catey, senior vice president and general manager, Cable Products, CommScope. “With the FTTA Turnkey Solution, CommScope will supply decades of wireless network expertise, extensive partner relationships and unique tower equipment solutions that seamlessly integrate with RRU technology.”