Thursday, July 25, 2013

AppliedMicro Announces X-Weave

AppliedMicro introduced its new family of X-Weave data center connectivity chipsets, spanning 100 Gbps to 240 Gbps with integrated analog I/O for a variety of optical and copper connectivity interfaces.

The X-Weave product family is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of public cloud, private cloud, and enterprise data centers. The idea is span rack and cluster resources within the data center, and then to seamlessly connect multiple data centers together over DWDM optical links.

The first product in the family is X12: AppliedMicro's 28 nanometer, 120G, 12-port Ethernet/OTN "smart PHY" with framer, mapper, and multi protocol DSP-based forward-error correction.

"X-Weave was co-created with top tier service provider and data center customers and uniquely leverages our established position in the service provider market to address the rapidly growing data center market. The convergence of X-Gene™ and X-Weave will offer a full portfolio of components for the new cloud infrastructure and will position us well to execute on our growth strategy," said Dr. Paramesh Gopi, AppliedMicro's President and CEO.