Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Amazon Cuts Price for EC2 Dedicated Instances by 80%

Amazon Web Services announced a price reduction of up to 80% on its Amazon EC2 Dedicated Instances, which are EC2 instances that run on single-tenant hardware dedicated to a single customer account. Amazon Dedicated Instances offer On-Demand and Reserved Instance purchasing options.

The reduction applies to both the dedicated per region fee and the per-instance On-Demand and Reserved Instance fee across all supported instance types and all AWS Regions. The company posted the following details:

  • Dedicated Per Region Fee - An 80% price reduction from $10 per hour to $2 per hour in any Region where at least one Dedicated Instance of any type is running.
  • Dedicated On-Demand Instances - A reduction of up to 37% in hourly costs. For example the price of an m1.xlarge Dedicated Instance in the US East (Northern Virginia) Region will drop from $0.840 per hour to $0.528 per hour.
  • Dedicated Reserved Instances - A reduction of up to 57% on the Reserved Instance upfront fee and the hourly instance usage fee. Dedicated Reserved Instances also provide additional savings of up to 65% compared to Dedicated On-Demand instances.

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