Friday, June 21, 2013

ZTE's New LTE-Advanced Base Station Supports 5 X 20 MHz

ZTE unveiled its ultra-wideband remote radio unit (RRU) for LTE-Advanced.

ZTE said the platform is the first base station device globally that complies with the LTE-Advanced requirements for over 100MHz operating bandwidth.   The ZTE ZXSDR R8978 offers a TD-LTE eight-channel RF module that supports 100MHz bandwidth. It can operate in the entire Band 41 frequency of 190MHz. It supports a maximum of 5 X 20MHz signal bandwidth.

In China, the entire 190MHz spectrum of 2500-2690MHz has been allocated for TDD.

To meet operators' future requirements for ultra-wideband RRUs, ZTE developed the ZXSDR R8978 by using low consumption and broadband RF technologies.

It supports up to five carrier frequencies.

ZTE's design uses advanced amplifier technologies including Crest Factor Reduction (CFR), Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD), Doherty, amplifier voltage adjustment, and time slot–based intelligent electricity conservation. The RRU uses noiseless natural heat dissipation.  ZTE estimates this design and can achieve a 35% reduction in power consumption compared with RRUs that use traditional air-conditioner heat dissipation, lowering electricity costs.

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