Tuesday, June 11, 2013

VMTurbo Tunes Resources In Virtual Data Centers and Hybrid Clouds

VMTurbo is rolling out a number of enhancement to its Operations Manager for software-defined control for cloud and virtualized environments.  The Operations Manager 4.0 uses an analytic engine to drive control across the virtualization stack.

Specifically, the newest version of VMTurbo adds modules for storage, converged fabric, and hybrid cloud. This includes:

  • Storage Cluster Support. Operations Manager now discovers storage clusters and limits virtual machine moves accordingly. If a virtual machine uses storage that is within a storage cluster, all moves of that storage will remain within that cluster.
  • High Availability Constraint. Operations Manager recognizes dedicated- and shared-failover HA configurations and won’t recommend a workload move to a host unless another host fails in the HA cluster.
  • Improved Shared User Roles. Operations Manager has improved its support for shared user accounts. Service providers can now masks views and/or metrics within views that are shared with subscribers.
  • Export Dashboards to PDF. Dashboard displays may be exported to PDF files to generate reports based on the data presented in the user interface.
  • Workload Utilization View. Provides an at-a-glance view of the overall health of virtual machines relative to the target utilization, with the ability to view details for smaller scopes of the environment.
  • VMTurbo said a key advantage for its platform is its ability to dynamically allocate resources, such as spinning up new VMs locally or in AWS or Azure, while retaining policy controls for security, regulatory compliance, etc.  Similarly, the VMturbo decision making engine now can intelligently look at the types of storage options are available, traffic loads, redundancy options, etc.

 Operations Manager 4.0 is generally available today and pricing starts at $699 per physical CPU socket.  The add-on Application Extension starts at $199 per CPU socket and the Storage Extension starts at $599 per CPU socket, and are generally available. The Hybrid Cloud Extension is available to current VMTurbo customers in its Early Access program.


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