Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tektronix Communications Launches LTE Professional Services

Tektronix Communications has begun offering professional consulting services to help carriers optimize the rollout of LTE networks.

Tektronix said LTE rollouts are complex due to the increase in traffic and signalling of data rich applications, and the challenges of circuit switch fall back (CSFB), success rate and setup time, and inter-radio access technology issues for data services. Furthermore, management of multiple network equipment vendors is another source of concern where potentially one manufacturer provides the eNodeBs, the MMEs and a third the core elements. Tektronix Communications’ new Technology Consulting service will provide NEM-agnostic, strategic end-to-end consulting to address such issues.

"With the increasing competitive environment, there has never been a greater need for deep end-to-end insight and optimisation without losing control over OPEX and CAPEX. As LTE networks are being rapidly deployed, operators need to quickly identify and resolve customer experience issues to support adoption of LTE services, avoid churn and prevent negative brand impact," stated Ken Pecot, Tektronix Communications VP of Professional Services.

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