Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Single Wire Protocol (SWP) for smartSD Memory Cards Enable NFC

A new Single Wire Protocol (SWP) will support Near Field Communications (NFC) features for the popular microSD memory card.

The SD Association, which develops interoperable SD standards, said the SWP interface enables smartSD memory cards to provide authentication services in microSD slotted smartphones, tablets, computers and other consumer electronic devices.  Contactless communication is made possible by using the additional SWP pin that permits a smartSD memory card to take advantage of an NFC-enabled host.

"Completing the enhancement to smartSD marks the achievement of a strategy announced in 2011 to find new markets that would benefit from SD standards," said Brian Kumagai, president of the SD Association. "Adding smart-chip technology to microSD memory cards gives SD equipped smart phones and phablets new consumer conveniences whether they're connected to the Internet or not. We know consumers want more flexibility to expand their storage needs, and a simple way to participate in a variety of value-added services offered by a variety of companies and institutions today."