Wednesday, June 19, 2013

RAD Brings Distributed Grandmaster Sync to LTE Backhaul

RAD introduced distributed Grandmaster functionality in its Service Assured Access solution for mobile backhaul networks.

The company said distributed GM is an elegant solution for LTE compared to existing solutions that use GPS at each base station, or for architectures that deploy a Grandmaster clock with IEEE 1588 functionality at a central site to transmit timing across the entire backhaul network to all remote base stations.

RAD’s ETX-2 Advanced Carrier Ethernet device supports 1588 Grandmaster and is also equipped with a built-in GPS receiver.

"Since the ETX-2 is designed to be deployed at the first aggregation point, closest to the cell-site or a cluster of small cells, it will not overcrowd base stations, and since it will typically be situated much closer to base stations than a Grandmaster clock would be, it can provide an accurate reference clock for the base stations with no network upgrade," said Ilan Tevet, Service Provider Line of Business head at RAD.

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