Wednesday, June 5, 2013

PMC Intros WinPath4 Carrier Ethernet Router-on-Chip for LTE Backhaul

PMC introduced its WinPath4 backhaul processor -- essentially a Carrier Ethernet Router-on-Chip that enables mobile operators to scale capacity in their backhaul networks while transitioning to Layer 3 Packet Transport Networks (PTN).

The device is specifically targeted for LTE backhaul applications where carriers are eliminating the radio node controllers (RNC) used in 3G deployments and distributing the controller function across base stations. This requires migration from a Layer 2 centralized hub network to a Layer 3 mesh IP topology with intelligence at each base station. PMC said WinPath4’s unique, programmable Carrier Ethernet Router-on-Chip architecture allows system vendors to provide new platforms that enable this transition.

Key capabilities of WinPath4 include:

  • Transition from Layer 2 switching to Layer 3 PTN routing networks for 4G LTE
  • Extends range of single chip capacity up to 40G PTN backhaul
  • Scales PMC’s Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) certified and field-proven Carrier Ethernet software suite to LTE:
  • Supports MEF Backhaul services, QoS, service management and reliability
  • Programmable Ethernet & MPLS OAM, packet-timing & traffic management
  • Supports up to two million MPLS-TP and IPv6/IPv4 routes in a single chip
  • Carrier Ethernet Router-on-Chip architecture, which allows OEMs to:
  • Drive product differentiation in mobile backhaul
  • Standardize across small cell, microwave, PTN and CESR platforms
  • Proactively respond to new evolving requirements in PTN backhaul.

“China Mobile has aggressive plans to deploy LTE technology in order to provide higher speed mobile data services and maintain best-in-class subscriber experience,” said Li Han, Deputy Director of the Network Department of China Mobile Research Institute. “To meet the challenges of LTE, we need solutions from the ecosystem that will allow us to scale to 40G capacity and transition to Layer 3 PTN in mobile backhaul aggregation networks.”

“With WinPath4, our WinPath franchise now spans 4G to 40G, providing one common hardware and software architecture to meet the needs of an all-IP backhaul,” said Babak Samimi, vice president of marketing and applications for PMC's Communications Business Unit. “The flexibility and programmability of our WinPath processors allows our customers to respond to new features as the mobile network evolves.”


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