Thursday, June 13, 2013

NTT Com Picks VMware for Enterprise Cloud

NTT Communications will deploy VMware network virtualization as a core technology for its new cloud service, Enterprise Cloud (EC). Specifically, NTT Com will use VMware network virtualization as a network overlay.

VMware's network virtualization will enable NTT Com to provide seamless and flexible connectivity between customer data centers and the NTT Com cloud without changing the IP addresses of a customer’s existing, on-premise environment. The companies said this capability will make its easier for customers to migrate into the cloud.

“To deliver on NTT Com’s global cloud vision announced in 2011, NTT Com offers a new business cloud service that will utilize network virtualization technology in its production environment across 11 data centers in nine countries,” said Motoo Tanaka, senior vice president of cloud services at NTT Com. “With advanced network virtualization technology from VMware, NTT Com will provide customers seamless connectivity between cloud infrastructures, and will support customers’ cloud migration by connecting with a customer’s on-premise data center. We continue to fully support customers using the cloud by offering services that deliver the latest technologies.”

“We have been working closely with VMware on network virtualization, a core technology for cloud services,” said Toshiaki Fujita, vice president and general manager of NTT Software Innovation Center (SIC). “As a result of our successful collaboration, NTT Com will now offer the world’s first cloud service that incorporates VMware’s network virtualization technology to seamlessly connect customers’ on-premise networks with NTT Com’s own data center network. Going forward, the NTT group looks forward to offering advanced cloud services in collaboration with VMware.”

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