Thursday, June 20, 2013

KPN Implements Huawei's 100G with SD FEC

KPN International is implementing Huawei's second generation soft-decision forward error correction (SD FEC) technology in its pan-European 100G WDM backbone.

SD FEC is an advanced error correction technology for optical transport field.  Huawei said the use of Optical Digital Signal Processing (oDSP) modules, essentially a 400G technology breakthrough, achieves lower-penalty WDM transmission with lower power consumption per bit. Specifically, the second generation SD FEC system empowers a transmission distance of 4000 km, which is 1000 km longer compared to the first generation SD FEC system, resulting in a 30% higher transmission performance.

In addition, KPN and Huawei announced a pan-European 400G field trial. The OTN-based 400G network spans 540 km between Amsterdam and Dusseldorf and vice versa. There is ample margin in the system, confirmed by adding 300km in the end terminal station.

Huawei noted that it has built more than 90 commercial 100G networks for operators worldwide.

KPN first deployed Huawei's optical transport platform in its European network in 2008.