Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Infinera Architects an Intelligent Transport Network

Infinera outlined its architecture for an Intelligent Transport Network for the Terabit Era.

The company will leverage its photonic integrated circuits, converged OTN switching + WDM transport, 500G super-channels, and next-gen Transport Software Defined Network (SDN) capabilities to enable dynamic carrier infrastructure for cloud-based services and data center connectivity.

Infinera said its Intelligent Transport Network represents an evolution of its Digital Optical Network, which it introduced in 2005, by adding advanced automation and multi-layer resource orchestration controls.

Key elements of the Infinera Intelligent Transport Network include:

  • Scalability: 500 Gbps FlexCoherent super-channels today and designed to scale to terabit super-channels and Terabit Ethernet in the future.
  • Convergence: By converging packet, OTN and reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) switching functions the Intelligent Transport Network is designed to reduce complexity while lowering overall network spending without compromising performance.
  • Automation: The Intelligent Transport Network features intelligent software control to help simplify  multi-layer provisioning, and in the future will support Transport Software Defined Network (SDN). Automation allows end-user control of their own network services and aligns service revenue to transport network growth through capabilities such as Infinera Instant Bandwidth™.

"We believe Infinera delivers the world's most innovative networking solutions, helping our customers win in the marketplace by enabling an infinite pool of intelligent bandwidth," said Dave Welch, Infinera EVP and Chief Strategy Officer. "The Intelligent Transport Network takes the Digital Optical Network to the next level with automated control, converged multi-layer switching and scalable super-channel transmission. Unlike the competition, we are not retrofitting legacy 10G and 40G platforms. We have designed the Intelligent Transport Network from the ground up for the Terabit Era."