Monday, June 17, 2013

Ikanos Enhances its Home Gateway Processor with Diagnostics/Monitoring

Ikanos Communications is enhancing its family of Fusiv Vx185 A/VDSL2 communications processors with in-home broadband diagnostic and monitoring capabilities that enable DSL operators to proacti

vely identify the cause of common wiring faults and noise interference problems.

Ikanos' inSIGHT BXM software suite leverages the advanced diagnostic features of the chipset, along with Ikanos’ patent-pending algorithms, to identify and resolve service issues such as wiring problems, cuts and noise on the line near or inside the home.

The Ikanos inSIGHT BXM includes the following capabilities:
  • Determines the loop topology without the need to rely on detailed loop records that are often unreliable and out of date.
  • Detects common service-impacting wiring issues, including bridge tap impairments, improperly connected microfilters, wire cuts, corroded wiring, and non-standard cables.
  • Provides the unique ability to identify common sources of in-home noise interference and determine their impact on the customer experience.
  • Enables both the consumer and carrier personnel to resolve service-affecting issues through an intuitive user interface, enabling problems to be resolved locally while minimizing the need for service calls and truck rolls. 

The solution can be deployed as a standalone solution embedded in the company’s family of Fusiv Vx185 A/VDSL2 communications processors.

Ikanos’ inSIGHT BXM is currently available for lab trials.  General availability is scheduled for early 2014.

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