Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dell Optimizes Storage with Multi Flash Technologies and Higher Density Rack Solutions

At the Dell Enterprise Forum in San Jose, Dell announced a Compellent Flash Optimized Solution that supports data placement across multiple types of flash technologies or in combination with traditional drives.  The company said this multi-technology flash storage approach could reduce reduce costs by up to 75 percent compared to other flash solutions while supporting high performance  and data-intensive workloads.

Dell also announced far greater storage density per rack.  The Dell Compellent SC280 boasts up to 2.8 times more capacity than competing 2U enclosures. It can store up to 336 terabytes in a 5U footprint.

 The company is also introducing the Dell Fluid File System (FluidFS) v3 for enterprise-class file storage featuring improved performance at one-third the cost of the market leader,[4] helping customers better accommodate performance-intense file workloads. The FluidFS v3 will be able to support two petabytes in a single namespace and offer customers the best rack density among major vendors in its class. The new release will offer policy-driven, variable block data reduction, de-duplicating and compressing redundant data when no longer needed.


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