Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dell Converges Branch Office Compute/Storage/Network, Alliance with Oracle

Dell introduced its PowerEdge VRTX combining virtualized server compute/storage/networking in a single box design that does not need data center cooling.  The high-density box promises up to 86 percent fewer cables and can save customers time, compared to installing individual task-specific systems. In addition it can eliminate the complexity, cost and sprawl of disparate external devices and multiple management tools.

For enterprise data centers, Dell also introduced a set of pre-configured "Active Infrastructure" racks for specilized applications, including virtual desktop (VDI) and high-performance clusters for life science environments.

Dell is also announcing Active System Manager 7.1, the management layer for Active System that integrates IP from recently acquired Gale Technologies to automate workload and infrastructure deployment through a single console.

In addition, at Dell Enterprise Forum underway this week in San Jose, Dell announced a strategic alliance with Oracle.  Specifically, Dell will offer optimized x86 infrastructure solutions that integrates Oracle' software.  Oracle has named Dell a preferred x86 partner, and Dell has named Oracle a preferred enterprise infrastructure partner, including Oracle Linux.

“Dell is growing fast in the datacenter and gaining market share across the world in our three core businesses. In part, this success is due to the fact we are focused on building and optimizing Dell infrastructure to help customers run their core mission-critical workloads,” said Marius Haas, president of enterprise solutions for Dell.