Tuesday, June 18, 2013

CommScope Offers Metro Cell Concealment Solutions

CommScope announced a family of equipment-integrated, factory-tested, modular solutions called Metro Cell Concealment Solutions for small cells in congested urban areas.  The design conceals the key RF path equipment in a visually unobtrusive structure.  The solutions are radio agnostic and forward compatible to support multiple operators and technologies. Three versions are offered:

  • The integrated top assembly includes the antenna and other optional RF conditioning components such as diplexers and tower mounted amplifiers. These components are integrated into one unit that can be mounted to billboards, street poles and other existing structures, offering adaptability to current conditions.
  • A rooftop version consists of the integrated RF Path unit and non-penetrative supports designed specifically to avoid drilling penetration points into the roof.
  • A monopole version includes the integrated RF Path unit plus a monopole for mounting as a standalone structure on city streets or in traditional cell site locations. This option blends into the existing street appearance while providing needed wireless capacity.

All integrated wireless equipment — including antennas, low noise amplifiers, diplexers, fiber and coaxial cable and cable assemblies — are pre-assembled and tested by CommScope. For critical areas with very high cell density, CommScope offers integration of the Andrew ION-M and ION-U distributed antenna systems. The DAS remote units are integrated into the lower section of the metro cell system and quasi-omni or three sector antenna systems are integrated in the top section.


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