Monday, June 10, 2013

Comcast Builds its Wi-Fi Hotspot Network

Comcast activated nearly 3,800 Wi-Fi hotspots in and around Washington, D.C..  Connectivity is available at no additional charge to Comcast's Xfinity Internet residential customers.

Comcast said its Wi-Fi strategy currently includes two approaches: the first is the inclusion of tens of thousands of Xfinity WiFi hotspots in the CableWiFi Alliance, which enables Xfinity Internet customers access to more than 150,000 indoor and outdoor WiFi hotspots in more than a dozen major cities across the country.  Other member of the Cable Wi-Fi Alliance include Bright House Networks, Cox Communications, Cablevision Optimum and Time Warner Cable.

The second is the launch of a new home-based, neighborhood hotspot initiative, a plan to create a network of millions of additional Xfinity WiFi access points for Xfinity Internet customers. Specifically, Comcast will enable an additional “xfinitywifi” signal (or SSID) in customer homes that is completely separate and distinct from the family’s private and secure home Wi-Fi signal. This will enable friends, relatives, visitors and other Xfinity Internet customers to gain Wi-Fi access to the Comcast network.

"Our customers continue to look for ways to communicate and access their entertainment with wireless devices, including the tens of thousands of TV shows and movies available on Xfinity TV platforms," said Alan Clairmont, Regional Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Comcast. "Xfinity WiFi gives our customers free access to thousands of hotspots where they can stay connected and surf online anywhere and at anytime."