Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Broadcom's Latest StrataXGS Switch Delivers 10GbE Mobile Backhaul

Broadcom introduced its latest StrataXGS Ethernet switch chip for the aggregation layer of mobile backhaul networks.

The StrataXGS BCM56450 switch features a traffic manager that provides fine-grained quality of service and offers 10Gbps serial interfaces.  The single-chip solution, which is part of Broadcom's switching portfolio for network access and aggregation, integrates many capabilities onto a single device, including high bandwidth switching with a control-plane processor, hierarchical traffic management, packet timing recovery, and advanced operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) functions.

The network aggregation layer could be used for multiple network architecture, including those based on VLANs, MPLS or MPLS-TP.

Key Features

  • Advanced OAM functions and hardware-based protection switching enable a highly reliable backhaul network
  • Fully integrated timing solution with integrated digital phase-locked loop and 1588 v2 and synchronous Ethernet hardware support provides highly accurate time synchronization
  • Carrier Ethernet packet processor delivers line-rate L2 and VLAN switching, L3 routing, MPLS, MPLS-TP, and provider backbone bridging (PBB) while supporting L2, L3, MPLS, or PBB deployment models
  • Channelization over Ethernet and hierarchical traffic manager with DDR3-based packet buffer memory provides fine grained quality of service (QoS) to aggregate sub-1G microwave and small cell backhaul networks
  • On-chip ARM-based CPU and integrated 10G optical PHYs reduce bill-of-materials cost and enable a compact system design

The device, which is currently sampling, is implemented in 40nm. Production is slated for 1H 2014.