Sunday, June 9, 2013

AT&T Launches Smartphone Trade-In Program, BYOD

AT&T announced changes to its mobile device upgrade policies, including a new smartphone trade-in program and BYOD without a contract.

AT&T's new 24-month policy aligns device upgrade eligibility with its standard two-year wireless agreement. Customers get a subsidized device for a new two-year wireless agreement.  After the first six months, customers can qualify for partial discount off the full retail price if they sign a new two-year wireless agreement. After the full 2 year contract, they are eligible for the full discount on a subsidized upgrade.

Under the new trade-in program, AT&T will provide a trade-in of up to $100 for current smartphones (three years or newer and in good working condition) when upgrading to another smartphone.

In addition, AT&T is now supporting "Bring your own device" for compatible GSM-capable phones.  These customers do not need to sign a service contract.

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