Monday, June 24, 2013

AIMS Innovation Offers Monitoring for Microsoft BizTalk

AIMS Innovation, a start-up with offices in the United States and Oslo, Norway, introduced its intelligent monitoring solution for system integration projects based on Microsoft BizTalk.

AIMS, which is partnering with Microsoft, can dynamically determine monitoring thresholds and then, proactively send "early warnings" before problems arise that may lead to costly, disruptive downtime.  The software learns the enterprise systems’ normal behaviour and modifies alerts over time.  The company supports a multi-tenant capability for AIMS for BizTalk, giving partners the ability to monitor client BizTalk deployments through a web-based dashboard.

“Enterprises are failing to monitor the most critical component in the IT architecture - the integration platform,” said Ivar Sagemo, CEO of AIMS Innovation. “AIMS Innovations’ solution will completely change the way companies monitor this critical part of enterprise infrastructure and essentially eliminate all downtime related to the integration platform.  This keeps productivity high and saves companies substantial money.”

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