Monday, May 13, 2013

SK telesys Joins Symmetricom's SyncWorld Ecosystem

SK telesys, the wireless system manufacturer of SK Group Korea, has integrated Symmetricom' SoftClocks with its small cell solutions.

SK telesys produces and supplies repeaters that act as the core devices for telecom providers' CDMA/WCDMA services. The company's two small cell products, the SLN-FN080 and SLN-FD080, have integrated Symmetricom's SCr100 Small Cell SoftClock solution using network time protocol (NTP) signals.

SK telesys will join Symmetricom's SyncWorld Ecosystem Program in the Small Cells category.

"With the successful integration and induction as a Small Cells partner with Symmetricom, mobile operators can gain confidence that the various integrated components of our residential small cells solution will work at optimal performance," said Dr. IH Sohn, Director at SK telesys. "For telecom service providers, having Symmetricom's timing and synchronization element is critical, especially as they evolve to 4G/LTE networks."