Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Procera Networks Sharpens its Network Analytics Tools with Dynamic LiveView

Procera Networks introduced a real-time, dynamic query capability for network analytics that leverages the deep packet inspection capabilities of its Intelligent Policy Enforcement (IPE) system.

Procera said its new PacketLogic Dynamic LiveView enables network operators, cloud providers, and high-speed enterprises to gain customized real-time insights into network behavior. Dynamic LiveView extends the current historic reporting functionality available on the PacketLogic Intelligence Center (PIC) by allowing the creation of customized queries for use in real-time monitoring, dashboards, and network forensics that mix and match data such as subscriber identities, content categorization, device types, network conditions, location, traffic management status, routing and peering attributes, and applications for a real-time view of network traffic. The Dynamic LiveView software creates custom queries on-the-fly utilizing any DPI-collected statistics without degradation of network services.

Procera is also making its Dynamic LiveView available via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable more efficient dashboards and big data reports targeting specific datasets.