Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Octasic Announces New Small Cell Platform

Octasic introduced its newest Small Cell platform, the OCTBTS 4000, which provides OEMs with baseband hardware and software, three RF front ends, and an application processor. The OCTBTS 4000 allows simultaneous 2G, 3G, and 4G operation in a compact (170x170 mm) form factor with passive cooling. Capacity ranges from 16 to 100 active users across multiple cellular standards and channels.

Featuring Octasic’s OCT2224W baseband processor and a power efficient application processor,  the OCTBTS 4000 enables applications such as: traditional small cell deployment by operators, network extension for capacity and coverage, Network in a Box (NIB), emergency response networks, military networks, human portable BTS, surveillance, Internet caching and many more.

To run these advanced applications, the OCTBTS 4000 supports COM Express® modules ensuring a broad range of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) options. The OCTBTS 4000 will initially be delivered with the Intel® AtomTM processor N2600.

“The OCTBTS product line is growing as the demand for small cells is increasing dramatically. In addition to conventional network deployments, new applications are emerging in military networks, search and rescue and surveillance,” said Emmanuel Gresset, VP Software Defined Radio. “The OCTBTS 4000 provides a unique combination of flexibility and time to market for OEMs. They can quickly add value at the application level to a high capacity and versatile Small Cell platform that is ready for production”

The OCTBTS 4000 will be available from Octasic in July 2013.


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