Sunday, May 12, 2013

NSN Enhances its Intelligent Self Organizing Networks

Nokia Siemens Networks is rolling enhancements to its intelligent Self Organizing Networks (iSON) to help operators manage self-configuration, self-optimization and self-healing.

New capabilities for Nokia Siemens Networks Tools include:

  • an Automated WCDMA Site Creation content pack, which extends the LTE version launched in February 2013. The content pack gives operators full visibility of the automated configuration of 3G sites, with regular status updates for engineering personnel. The time needed for base station configuration can be reduced from hours to minutes.
  • Security for LTE networks  -- security certificates are factory installed in the base station and configuration of the authenticated base stations in the operator network is fully automatic as part of the SON auto-connection and auto-configuration process.
  • New Mobility Management for LTE content pack, which provides support for seamless configuration and follow-up of SON operations related to LTE mobility management through a single interface. The new content pack reduces the set-up time for SON operational processes from 30 minutes to 5 minutes, and also provides full control and visibility of the automated process.
  • A New Element Outage Resolution content pack, which controls the automatic resolution of network failures in LTE, WCDMA and GSM networks. The self-healing capability detects base station outages and dormant cells and triggers common resolutions, such as restarting an element to re-establish connections.
  • A full set of professional services, ranging from customization to full outsourcing from our global delivery centers, to integrate iSON capabilities and the related content packs in operator networks.

“Automation is important to simplify network operations, and these extended functions now make the deployment and use of automation easier than ever. The enhancements give operators visibility on the impact of automated processes on network performance – and provide clear evidence that all network changes are working as expected,” said Peter Patomella, head of the operations support systems (OSS) business, Nokia Siemens Networks.