Tuesday, May 21, 2013

CTIA: Nokia Siemens Networks Enables Cellular / Wi-Fi Traffic Steering

Nokia Siemens Networks is introducing traffic steering capabilities for its Smart Wi-Fi solution .

The new capabilities give operators real-time information about their own or partnered Wi-Fi access points. Operators can then enhance customer experience with dynamic traffic steering between cellular and Wi-Fi networks based on real-time network load. The traffic steering capabilities can be complemented with sophisticated ANDSF* rules based on user profile, timing, location and application usage ensuring that mobile operators have necessary tools to start enhancing their networks with Wi-Fi traffic steering today.

“Offloading traffic to Wi-Fi is only the first step to help mobile operators handle traffic congestion. With the new traffic steering capabilities, we go beyond offloading to steer traffic flexibly onto the most appropriate radio network, according to the operator’s strategy and actual network conditions,” said Randy Cox, head of small cells product management at Nokia Siemens Networks. “By using Wi-Fi networks in indoor locations, operators can deliver superior customer experience and cost effectively boost network performance for the subscriber by up to seven-fold.”

The company is also launching a new 3G Femtocell Access Point for seamless connectivity in residential areas. The new FAPr-hsp 5120 Femtocell Access Point (FAP) helps improve indoor 3G mobile broadband coverage (HSPA+) for residential users.



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