Monday, April 22, 2013

Xtera Introduces Next Gen Optical Repeater for Undersea Cables

Xtera Communications introduced a next-generation optical repeater for extending high-capacity reach on subsea cable systems.

Xtera is leveraging a modular optical design to allow the amplifiers to be tailored to different system requirements, with variants covering both short regional systems and very long transoceanic systems.  One variant offers an optical bandwidth extending well beyond the normal EDFA C-band.

Xtera said its new repeater is constructed from marine grade titanium, resulting in a very light and exceptionally strong unit that can be deployed to water depths of 8 km. It is also sufficiently small that it can pass directly through a plough during burial operations – making it easier to handle during laying and assembling.

“With this modular product Xtera can better optimize the design of subsea cable systems and address the need for higher capacity per fiber with wider optical bandwidth,” said Stuart Barnes, CTO Submarine Systems of Xtera. “We had the advantage of not having to evolve an existing design and have been able to find modern solutions to old problems, for example improving electrical to optical power conversion. The new repeater adds nicely to Xtera’s turnkey solutions for building new subsea cable systems or upgrading the wet plant of existing systems.”

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