Monday, April 29, 2013

VSS Monitoring Deepens its Line of Network Packet Brokers

VSS Monitoring is rolling out significant additions and enhancements to its "vBroker" line of network packet brokers (NPBs), which enable network monitoring and security tools to gain traffic visibility.  The VSS vBroker system extends the capacity, centralized link-layer visibility, and scalability of networks through advanced traffic filtering, packet optimization and offloading of unnecessary processing to increase tool capacity and efficiency.

The product launch includes new vBroker 400 and vBroker 100 offerings that provide a high-density, modular form factor for customers requiring 1G, 10G, and 40G network speeds. At the high-end, vBroker 410 is a 1RU appliance with up to 32 ports and a throughput of 320G.  It can handle up to 8x 40G and/or 32x 10G ports.

The vBroker 420 is a 2RU appliance with up to 64 ports and a throughput of 640G. It can handle 16x 40G and/or 64x 10G ports.

At the entry level, the new vBroker 100 products also provide an all-modular form factor for 1G and 10G network speeds, and include capabilities to meet the special requirements of video monitoring applications.

VSS Monitoring said these new vBroker platforms allow customers to handle Big Data on their networks and enable greater visibility and operational performance from their network monitoring and security tools.

 The vBroker system is also supporting a new "vProtector" offering for intelligent traffic steering to active inline network security and acceleration appliances. The single integrated NPB system allows organizations to optimize active inline and passive monitoring tools with all-modular configurability. It offers user-configurable FailOpen/FailClosed per chassis module.

In addiion, VSS Monitoring is introducing a "vInspector" appliance that decrypts encrypted SSL traffic to provide clear context to both active and passive out-of-band monitoring and security tools. The vInspector products include three platforms with decryption throughput from 1Gbps to 4Gbps.

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