Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vitesse Introduces Serval 2 Switch Engines for MEF CE 2.0 Services

Vitesse Semiconductor expanded its Serval Carrier Ethernet Switch Engine portfolio with new silicon optimized for IP Edge and Ethernet/MPLS access applications, including mobile backhaul, cloud access and business service delivery. The company outlined a new Vitesse Service Aware Architecture (ViSAA) that provides a hardware-based service layer for wirespeed processing needed for QoS, management, and performance monitoring of Carrier Ethernet services.

The new Serval-2 (VSC7438), which leverages the new Vitesse Service Aware Architecture (ViSAA), is designed to simplify carrier delivery of MEF CE 2.0 services in packet-based mobile and cloud access Ethernet networks.  Whereas current solutions typically involve external FPGAs or NPUs to enable Carrier Ethernet features, the Serval-2 silicon executes performance-critical functions including OAM and protection switching, and maintains wirespeed performance for even the most demanding service delivery functions.  It also integrates VeriTime nanosecond-accurate IEEE1588v2 timing technology that meets LTE and LTE-Advanced network requirements, including those of variable-rate and asymmetric millimeter wave and microwave links.

Additional features of the Serval-2 family include:

  • MEF CE 2.0 ready with per connection feature control and resource allocation. Each Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) can utilize dedicated policers and shapers, statistics, queues, and tagging/marking schemes. Further, each connection may use built-in service activation testing when first provisioned; dedicated OAM functions ensure fault-free and SLA-compliant operation;
  • Scalable support of multiple 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) and 10 GE ports without the need for additional external components.
  • Support of multi-operator OAM&P and Service Level Agreements for Ethernet management, enabling RAN sharing and third-party backhaul ownership;
  • Hierarchical QoS (H-QoS) support for high bandwidth, media rich traffic delivery over 4G networks.

Serval-2 is expected to begin sampling in Q3 2013.

"Serval-2 revolutionizes the way in which Carriers can deliver services over Ethernet for high bandwidth mobile backhaul, video distribution, cloud access and more," said Uday Mudoi, product marketing director at Vitesse. "Vitesse Service Aware Architecture enables efficient delivery of these services. Serval-2 represents Vitesse's continued focus on delivering solutions for a new generation of network access equipment for mobile/IP Edge and cloud."