Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Telstra Tests Ericsson's 1 Tbps Optical Transmission

Telstra has successfully tested Ericsson's terabit optical transmission technology over its real network.

Ericsson has announced it will provide Telstra with the SPO 1400, the latest packet optical transport platform (POTP) for the metro and the MHL 3000 for long-haul applications with 100Gbps service support. The trial tested a 1Tbps line card in the MHL 3000.

"This has been over two years in the making, and our teams have collaboratively come together to demonstrate the evolution of technology," says David Robertson, Director of Transport and Routing Engineering, Telstra. "Telstra actually owns the most fiber in the country. To be able to prove that the fiber we have in the ground can carry terabit services is a fantastic position for us to be in."

"Like so many developed countries, Australia is a very technologically advanced market and Australians are sophisticated users of broadband and mobile technology," says Alessandro Pane, Head of Ericsson R&D Optical Transmission. "The trial has proven that our existing optical cable plant can support terabit channels along with 40Gbps and 100Gbps channels simultaneously on the same fiber."