Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Telefónica España Tests Agile Optical Networking with ALU

Telefónica España is testing an agile optical transmission system from Alcatel-Lucent that carries 100 Gbps/200 Gbps/400 Gbps while adapting to different speeds, distances and spectrum. The trial, which ran over Telefónica's live network in Spain, demonstrated the capacity of Telefónica España existing network to operate at different combinations of line rate, reach, and spectrum width to provide the best balance between network performance and resource usage.

Telefónica España is testing the ability to augment network capacity and resilience based on dynamic allocation of resources in the network putting the capacity where it is most needed at a particular time.

Alcatel-Lucent said its agile optical networking technology more than doubles an operator’s fiber capacity without having to invest in additional optical fiber infrastructure.

This trial  demonstrated the capacity of Telefónica España network to scale up by a factor of 2.66 to 23 Terabits per second (Tbps) in a single fibre pair.

"The future integration of 400 Gbps in our core network will enable us answering with optimum quality our clients’ ever growing demand for more bandwidth. Solutions that make the best use of our existing infrastructure, like the photonic mesh technology demonstrated in this trial, are how we will maintain our lead in the marketplace," stated Manuel Fernández Daza, Director Access, Aggregation and Transport Networks Technology and Planning at Telefónica España.