Monday, April 29, 2013

Radisys and GENBAND Partner on Virtualized Media Processing

GENBAND has selected Radisys' Software Media Resource Function (MRF) to provide the IP media processing for the GENBAND EXPERiUS application server and CONTiNUUM call session controllers.

Radisys and GENBAND collaborated to enable virtualized media processing to meet the growing demand for cloud-based deployments. By offering these software components in a virtualized cloud deployment model, GENBAND can provide its customers with flexible service offerings that they can quickly take to market.

“The full integration of the Radisys Software MRF with our EXPERiUS application server and CONTiNUUM call session controllers allows GENBAND to continually enhance and focus resources on our market-leading application and session control solutions programs, resulting in accelerated time to market,” said BG Kumar, president, Multimedia Business Unit, GENBAND. “Our EXPERiUS and CONTiNUUM solutions, integrated with Radisys’ MRF, are shipping to our service provider and enterprise customers today.”

Radisys’ Software MRF is a fundamental element in an IP communications network, processing real-time audio and video media streams under the control of Application Servers in an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) environment. Radisys’ Software MRF provides extensive, high capacity IP audio and media processing capabilities, including simple conference mixing, messaging and IVR feature control for the Unified Communications needs of GENBAND’s EXPERiUS application server, while supporting multimedia network announcements, digit collection and lawful intercept for the CONTiNUUM call session controllers.