Monday, April 15, 2013

Rackspace Plans Largest OpenStack-based Public Cloud

Rackspace announced plans to build and run a linked global cloud network for large service providers.

The Rackspace public cloud aims to be the largest OpenStack-based public cloud in the world.  It will served as a networked cloud of clouds through which service providers are linked together.

Rackspace's model will be to recruit service providers who build and operate physical data centers. The Rackspace public cloud will be deployed in these facilities and Rackspace will manage it remotely.

Rackspace said this extension of its public cloud portfolio will give both service providers and their customers access to a network of interconnected global data centers – customers will be able to run their workloads in any data center that is part of the network, while maintaining their business relationship with the local provider of their choice.

The move is also seen as giving a big boost to OpenStack.

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