Thursday, April 11, 2013

Huawei Marine Achieves Financial Breakeven

Huawei Marine, which builds and maintains submarine cable networks, achieved its first, financial breakeven year in 2012 after only four years of operation.

Huawei Marine was formed in late 2008 as a Joint Venture between Global Marine Systems Limited and Huawei Tech Invest HKG with the specific intent to develop a series of high-quality products for the submarine optical market and build a capability in delivering turn-key submarine cable systems.

Key milestones for the company have included the development of a unique, two fibre pair repeater housed in an extended universal joint casing and which was deployed it in the SGSCS system in South America during 2009.  The company has developed several extended-distance variants of this original R1 repeater.  Huawei Marine is also working on the first ever titanium-cased six fibre pair repeater, with an innovative narrow design to improve burial confidence using standard ploughs. Achievements also include a 1,600m2 clean room for repeater and BU production in Dongguan, China. Currently the repeater production capability is 20 pcs per month, with a ceiling of four times this, and the integration assembly and testing containers support 10 pcs per month in each of our portable containerized assets.

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