Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GENBAND Announces Software-based SBC for Branch Offices

GENBAND introduced a new session border controller optimized for branch offices and small to mid-sized businesses.

The new QUANTiX QFlex is an on-premise, software-based SBC that is deployable on common off the shelf (COTS) hardware or can be virtualized together with other applications on a platform.  It enable carrier-grade security, interoperability and session control with support for more than 60 built-in IP PBX vendor profiles.

GENBAND said it uses a unique and modular approach to solve multi-vendor interoperability issues, helping to reduce the deployment time of SIP Trunking services from months to weeks.  GENBAND’s QUANTiX QFlex resolves IP-PBX-related interoperability challenges by providing a demarcation point that protects both the service provider and enterprise sides of the connection by utilizing flexible adaptors to secure and normalize traffic. For enterprises, QFlex allows for seamless interworking of multi-vendor PBXs across different branch offices, routes traffic in IP-enabled call centers, and allows remote users and satellite offices to securely connect to corporate IP communication systems.

"Issues relating to IP communications security, interoperability, system complexity and service assurance are commonplace for operators and enterprises alike. They demand intelligent SBCs and border gateways that ensure a seamless communications experience," said BG Kumar, President of GENBAND’s Multimedia Business Unit. "Our new QFlex Enterprise SBC creates a SMART EDGE for the enterprise, providing unique interoperability technology to manage multi-vendor PBX environments – while ensuring security and session management."