Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fusion-io Unveils 1.6 TB ioFX for Workstation

Fusion-io announced a 1.6 TB flash-based workstation acceleration platform aimed at video editing, computer assisted design (CAD), 4K and stereoscopic production, as well as digital intermediate (DI) finishing applications.

Based on the Fusion ioMemory platform trusted to accelerate data centers around the world, the 1.6 TB Fusion ioFX significantly improves workstation application performance. The company already offered a 420 GB model for $1,995.  Pricing for the new, larger model has not been announced.

"Digital production is undergoing a resolution revolution as production moves to 4K and beyond, while production budgets and deadlines continue to tighten," said Vincent Brisebois, Fusion-io Director of Visual Computing.  "To overcome these opposing forces, the Fusion ioFX can help digital artists efficiently deliver creative work faster, even when faced with the most demanding production requirements. Fusion-io is proud to collaborate with industry leading software developers and hardware companies to deliver breakthrough acceleration for the tools used by professional artists worldwide."

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