Monday, April 8, 2013

European Commercial Internet Exchange Opens in Frankfurt

The European Commercial Internet Exchange (ECIX) has opened a 100GE Internet Exchange in Frankfurt, providing an alternative to DE-CIX, the world's largest Internet Exchange and which is also based in Frankfurt.

ECIX's new Frankfurt Internet Exchange will offer standard connectivity to 100GE, 10GE and 1GE ports with all services available at existing ECIX sites. The new Exchange Point is available at the ancotel (an Equinix subsidiary) and Interxion Datacenter Campus.

"With heavy traffic volume moving through Frankfurt, an advanced Internet Exchange was required to keep up with the momentum of new technologies," states Stefan Wahl, CEO of ECIX and Peering GmbH. "Our new 100GE Internet Exchange will provide alternative connectivity options for the largest IP capitals in Europe. ECIX will continue expanding into markets that have a strong need for exchange options and we are dedicated to deploying the latest technologies in these facilities."

ECIX is operated by Peering GmbH, an organization, with Internet Exchanges in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Amsterdam.