Thursday, April 11, 2013

Deutsche Telekom Selects Tail-f's SDN for TeraStream Project

Deutsche Telekom has chosen Tail-f Systems to deliver key SDN components for its TeraStream project.

As the face of networking is changing, TeraStream’s goal is to create an all-IP transformation to cope with exponential traffic growth while streamlining the delivery of network services in real time. 

Specifically, the TeraStream project will use Tail-f’s NCS (Network Control System) to provide a network-wide and service-aware unified application programming interface (API). NCS leverages YANG (RFC 6020) and NETCONF (RFC 6241)to provide service and device modeling and fail-safe mechanisms for changing network configurations.

“We believe carriers can no longer afford to hard-code services into the OSS if they want to get to market quickly with new services,” said Axel Clauberg, Vice President, Aggregation, Transport, IP and Fixed Access, Deutsche Telekom AG. “The Tail-f NCS solution, with both services and the network modeled in a standardized high-level language, shortens time to market, increases vendor independence and dramatically improves the cost structure. This SDN solution is a key component in TeraStream’s real-time OSS.”

“As a multi-vendor SDN solution provider, we are excited to partner with Deutsche Telekom to change the way network operations are being done,” said Hakan Millroth, CTO of Tail-f Systems. “Tail-f has been driving standardization of network service programmability for a long time to reduce key pain points such as vendor dependence, lack of service innovation and high operating costs. The adoption of these standards by TeraStream and its network equipment providers will fundamentally change the networking industry.”

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