Monday, March 18, 2013

Vitesse’s Intellisec Extends MACsec Networkwide

Vitesse Semiconductor introduced Intellisec, a patent-pending means of extending IEEE 802.1AE MACsec encryption end-to-end over any network, including multi-operator and cloud-based networks, independent of the network’s awareness of security protocols.

Traditionally, MACsec has been implemented link by link, making it difficult to deploy in service provider networks where latency over multi-hop connections becomes an issue.

Vitesse's Intellisec solves the end-to-end problem by implementing MACsec in the PHY.

“Vitesse is changing the landscape of secure network communications with Intellisec technology,” said Martin Nuss, chief technology officer for Vitesse. “End-to-end network encryption is highly complex and prohibitively expensive to implement at Layer-3, while existing Layer-2 MACsec PHY solutions need encryption and decryption at every link in the network. Because Intellisec runs over MEF CE2.0 and MPLS networks, it will work over most service provider networks with Intellisec-enabled equipment access devices or enterprise edge routers at network endpoints. This has never been done before.”

Some key features of Intellisec:

• Enables MACsec Networkwide: Intellisec extends MACsec to support secure
access to multiple cloud services, enabling delivery of MACsec-secured Layer-2 Carrier Ethernet
services, such as MEF EVCs, MPLS L2VPNs and Data Center Interconnect, across the network.
Until now, MACsec has traditionally been limited to link-based box-to-box applications primarily
within cloud services data centers;

• Simple, Low-Cost, Scalable: Intellisec scales easily with the number of interfaces. Vitesse estimates up to 75% cost savings compared to alternate solutions. Network installation involves a simple upgrade of the system’s physical layer components without impacting or upgrading the ASICs or
network processors;
• Maintains Network Synchronization: Precision synchronization is critical to network
infrastructure. Intellisec works together with Vitesse’s VeriTime™ technology to maintain
nanosecond-level IEEE 1588v2 time stamping accuracy;

• Compatible Extension to Existing Technologies: Intellisec enables network link upgrades
independent of the network’s awareness of security protocols.

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