Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ViaSat-1 Satellite Hits 200K "Exede" Internet Subscribers

Since introducing its "Exede" Internet satellite service in January 2012, ViaSat has signed more than 200,000 customers.

The company announced that the ViaSat-1 satellite that powers the Exede service has earned a Guinness World Records title as the highest-capacity communications satellite. At the time of its launch in October 2011, ViaSat-1 had more capacity than all of the other communication satellites covering North America combined.

The record confirms that ViaSat-1 provides the most total throughput capacity over the U.S. and Canada – 100 times the capacity of a typical Ku-band satellite and 10 times the throughput of any Ka-band satellite launched prior to ViaSat-1.

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