Sunday, March 3, 2013

Raytheon to Leverage DHS Cyber Alerts for new Service

Raytheon plans to operate as a commercial service provider under the recently expanded Enhanced Cybersecurity Services (ECS) program outlined in President Obama's Executive Order on Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.

ECS is a voluntary information sharing program that assists critical infrastructure owners and operators as they improve the protection of their systems from unauthorized access, exploitation or data exfiltration.

Under a Memorandum of Agreement signed with the Department of Homeland Security, Raytheon will receive active, malicious cybersecurity threat information furnished by DHS.

Operating as a commercial service provider, Raytheon will use these indicators to protect the defense industrial base and other sectors of critical infrastructure.

"Information sharing and collaboration between government and industry partners is critical to defending our nation against the cyber threat," said Steven K. Hawkins, vice president of the Information Security Solutions product line for Raytheon's Intelligence and Information Systems business. "The Enhanced Cybersecurity Services program adds another layer of cyber resiliency for our nation's most critical resources."