Tuesday, March 19, 2013

PMC Introduces OTN Processor Enabling Virtualization of Optical Network Bandwidth for Big Data

PMC introduced a single-chip OTN processor supporting 10G, 40G and 100G speeds for OTN transport, aggregation and switched deployments.

The new DIGI 120G is designed to support on-demand re-sizing of ODUflex from 1G to 100G, as well as 10G, 40G and 100G speeds.  PMC said this allows for the efficient sharing and dynamic assignment of network resources, enabling OTN networks to effectively virtualize optical network bandwidth to meet the elastic traffic demands of Big Data.

“The optical transport network infrastructure needed to support Big Data requires efficient sharing and dynamic allocation of the optical network bandwidth,” said Babak Samimi, vice president of marketing and applications for PMC's Communications Business Unit. “Our DIGI 120G brings innovations that disrupt the economics of 100G by responding to the industry’s need to move towards dynamically configurable optical transport networks for delivering cloud services.”

The processor could be used in multiservice OTN muxponders and OTN switching cards to enable efficient aggregation and grooming of lower speed services into 100G.

The new DIGI 120G supports various configurations, including 12 ports at 10Gbps, 3 ports at 40Gbps or 1 port at 100Gbps.


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