Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oclaro's Pump Lasers Will Reduce Footprint by 2X

Oclaro announced a dual-chip, uncooled 500mW pump laser for ROADMs that features the new industry-standard 10-pin MSA butterfly advanced package format that delivers a smaller footprint compared to conventional 14-pin packages. The new Oclaro dual-chip uncooled pump is designed for amplifier arrays, multi-stage and mid-stage access amplifiers, ROADM on blade and amplifier based line cards.

The new design will bring a 2X reduction in footprint while delivering 60 percent lower power consumption, enabling power efficient add/drop arrayed amplifiers targeted at 4 or 8-degree CDC-Flex node architectures.

"By developing a dual-chip uncooled pump laser, Oclaro is expanding its current leadership position in the pump laser market where the company has shipped more than 500,000 units externally in the last 3 years alone," said Robert Blum, Director of Product Marketing for the Oclaro Photonic Components Business Unit.  

Oclaro expects to be sampling the dual-chip uncooled pump in the third quarter of CY2013.

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