Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Network Instruments Intros 2U Analysis Appliance for 1G, 10G

Network Instruments introduced a smaller version of its GigaStor appliance supporting gigabit and 10G retrospective analysis for enterprise network teams.

The new appliance, which is offered in a 2U form factor, is a scalable, monitoring tool that can be expanded from 2 TB – 16 TB in the field.

Features ensuring its availability for monitoring heavy traffic loads include the Gen2 card, exclusively engineered by Network Instruments to maximize performance on critical links; plus hot-swappable drives, Lights Out Management (LOM), and redundant fans and power supplies.

“We have continually been a performance monitoring innovator, providing the fastest, most flexible solutions for service delivery management within the world’s largest datacenters,” said Charles Thompson, director of product strategy for Network Instruments. “We've developed the first platform capable of monitoring saturated full-duplex 10 Gb links at line rate, without dropping a packet. And we're the only company to offer field-scalable retrospective analysis appliances with a product robust enough to handle large datacenter demand – but small enough for deployment at the edge or within a medium-sized enterprise.”

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