Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Menara Announces New Full C-Band Tunable OTN XFP

Menara Networks introduced a full C-band tunable XFP with integrated G.709 OTN framing, enhanced forward error correction, and Ethernet Monitoring capabilities.

The new “System-in-a-Module,” in addition to G.709 OTU2 framing, Forward Error Correction (FEC), tunability over 102 channels on the ITU-T 50 GHz C-band grid and advanced optical features such as automatic receiver threshold adjustment and SBS suppression, also offers Enhanced FEC at higher coding gain, ODU2 client access, Ethernet payload monitoring, and OTU General Communication Channel (GCC) access via the 30-pin MSA connector. The device is Telcordia qualified and MSA compliant.

OSNR and receiver sensitivity is rated at 15 dB and -29 dBm respectively.  The module is a true replacement for DWDM transponders.  The company says it delivers error-free transmission over distances exceeding 2,000 km.

“Our new 65 nm CMOS based OTN processor allows us to add key features that our customers have requested such as enhanced FEC and SONET/Ethernet monitoring. It also allows us to reduce the overall OTN XFP power consumption to meet the 3.5W maximum,” comments Salam ElAhmadi, Ph.D. Menara CTO and Co-Founder. “We look forward to continue supporting both our carrier and system vendor customers in their quest to significantly reducing the cost, space and power foot-print of their optical networks.”