Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cisco Evolves its Integrated Services Router for L4-7

Cisco announced a new Integrated Services Router with Application Experience (ISR-AX), which converges routing, security technologies, and application-level services into a single-box solution for branch offices. The idea is to build on Layer 2 and 3 converged network services with Layer 4 through 7 application services in the enterprise edge router.

The new Cisco ISR-AX solution includes:
  • Cisco 3900-AX, 2900-AX or 1900-AX ISR, based on Cisco's ISR G2 router
  • Cisco security license, including VPN, firewall and intrusion prevention
  • Cisco Services-Ready Engine or maximum RAM
  • Products are configurable for additional network services, computation or storage
All Cisco 3900-AX, 2900-AX and 1900-AX products are currently available. Cisco will extend the AX router family to the Cisco 800 ISR, Cisco ASR1000 and Cisco CSR1000V Series, providing application services for the teleworker, network edge, data center and cloud.

"Because all traffic goes through the router, it offers a streamlined approach for scaling application services to ensure a high quality of experience across the network," said Rob Soderbery, senior vice president, Cisco Enterprise Networking Group (ENG). "With Cisco ISR-AX, Cisco is redefining the role of the router as the application delivery platform and providing our customers with a more affordable solution they can easily deploy across their network."