Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Broadcom's CMOS PHY Tops at 128 Gbps

Broadcom introduced a CMOS transmitter PHY for long-haul, regional and metropolitan data transport.

Broadcom's BCM84128 100G transmitter achieves an aggregate data rate of 128 Gbps with a power consumption level of only two watts.  The transmitter, which is implemented in 40nm CMOS, provides a full-rate clock output at 32 GHz and a half-rate clock output at 16 GHz. Advanced features such as clock and data skew control adjust the lane-to-lane skew and the date-to-clock skew on the line-side interface.  The device could be used to enable 100G optical modules and line-card designs.

"The BCM84128 high performance transmitter PHY reflects the industry-leading innovation we are known for, allowing OEMs to leverage 100G PHYs developed in standard CMOS process technology with its inherent advantages of lower power and reliability," said Lorenzo Longo, Broadcom Vice President and General Manager, Physical Layer Products (PLP). "Today's introduction provides Broadcom with the opportunity to participate in a new market segment and pave the way for 100G optical transport."